Dear Colleagues,                                                                                   August 22, 2018

Welcome Back!  Lots going on as we begin the 2018-19 school year!  Here is a brief PFT update.  
Bargaining Survey
Thanks to all of you who took the PFT Bargaining Survey at the end of last year!  We value your voice.  Your elected representatives on the Executive Board are working to set priorities for this year’s negotiations based on these survey results.  We look forward to sharing them with you in your next PFT update.
Elementary: Class sizes remain the same as last year with a cap of 25 at TK, 26 in grades K-3, and 33 at grades 4 and 5. (Classes should only exceed the cap on a rare and exceptional basis and the affected teacher and PFT should be consulted).

Secondary: Secondary schedules are always in a state of flux for the first two weeks of school as sites work to balance classes and adjust to changes in enrollment.  The PFT/PUSD Joint Staffing Team reviews extensive secondary data (class sizes by period, teacher, subject, department, and school) to identify areas of concern and/or questions.  If you have a specific concern, please contact the PFT so we can follow up.  
Reminder: Pay Warrant Info
As of July 1, 2018, pay warrants are NO LONGER being delivered to school sites due to an audit finding.  Here are some options you might find helpful:
Sign up for direct deposit (form attached)
Pick up pay warrant at district office until 4:30 on pay day or until 2:30 on day after pay day
Pay warrant mailed to your home if not picked up

Tech Reminders
Social Media Tip: To avoid any potential Personnel related issues, PFT recommends you do not provide students and/or parents access to your personal social media sites.  We are working on specific recommendations that will keep teachers “in the know” about social media risks.
Public Records Requests: Every time you conduct district business in writing (on district device, personal device, district email, personal email, from home or from work) it may be subject to a public records request.  So just be your professional self. (See attachment for more details).

Upcoming PUSD School Board Election
We have a very important PUSD School Board Election this fall – particularly because of the many 3-2 votes we have recently had on issues impacting students and teachers.  PUSD now has elections for school board trustees by geographical area (map attached).  This means only residents in each trustee area vote for a single candidate to represent them in that area.  For the November election, we have the following candidates on the ballot:

Area B          Area C          Area D
 Ginger Couvrette       Terry Norwood    Michelle O'Connor
 Kim Garnier    Charles Sellers    Stan Rodkin
 Kevin Juza    T.J. Zane    

The incumbent candidates in Areas C & D highlighted above have strongly supported students and teachers in Poway Unified during their term.  Due to this, the Executive Board has offered them a Friendly Endorsement.
Since there are no incumbents in Area B, all candidates have been invited to submit a completed questionnaire, to attend a Rep Council Candidate Forum on Monday, Aug. 27 at 4:00 at PFT (members welcome), and to interview with your PFT Executive Board.  Please let us know if there is anything your Executive Board members should be aware of as we prepare to make endorsements.  Your input is very important.  We expect to announce endorsements on Thursday, August 30.   
Budget Info
State Budget: The Governor signed the State Budget on June 27, 2018.  As compared to the May Revise, the budget included a slight increase in on-going revenue (from 21.7 million to 23.8 million) and a decrease in one-time dollars (from $10.46 million to $4.82 million).
PUSD Budget: The 2017-18 PUSD Budget is estimated to end with the district spending more than it took in by about 14.6 million (net activity after transfers).  However, the district is also estimated to have an ending balance of $50.9 million.  The July Revised Budget for 2018-19 projects the district will end with a negative $1.4 million (net activity after transfers) and an ending balance of $49.5 million.  If you have an interest in more budget details, contact the PFT Office.
Interest Based Problem Solving (IBPS): Our next IBPS meeting with the district is on September 18.  We will be looking at new fair share formulas as a group, hoping to mutually agree upon one to use going forward.  The current fair share model we have used for more than 20 years looks at new and on-going revenue each year.  A percentage of this revenue is considered the PFT unit’s “fair share.”  Increased year over year costs for our bargaining unit are deducted from this fair share amount.  Any remainder is available to negotiate things like salary increases and class size reduction.
Teacher Professional Learning and Effectiveness System (TPLES)
This year marks our third year of full implementation of the TPLES, our growth-focused evaluation tool.  Look for more info soon about support opportunities available to you if you are notified you’re in the evaluation cycle this year.
No changes this year.  (See attached info if desired)

Next Steps
The next PFT Update will include information on Health and Welfare negotiations, bargaining survey priorities, the PUSD budget, and more.

Hope you had a great first day today!



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