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"Our future depends on you."

Students urge voters to pass Measure P

Many people are getting their mail-in ballots this week. Here are a few reasons why students are urging everyone to vote YES on the Measure P bond measure for Poway Unified Schools:

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4 Reasons to Vote Yes:

1. All Measure P funds will stay local, only benefiting schools and students in our community.
2. Measure P is the smartest investment that we can make as homeowners and taxpayers by keeping our schools safe, secure, and successful.
3. No funds are allowed for administrators' or teachers' salaries, benefits, or pensions.
4. An Independent Citizens' Oversight Committee and mandatory audits will ensure funds are spent as promised.

It's been over a decade since the school district has sought the community's support to help modernize and improve our aging school facilities. We can't afford to wait any longer. Let's keep Poway Unified Schools among the best in the nation. Vote YES on Measure P!


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