Below are discounts available to popular theme parks from both AFT's Working Advantage, as well as Wild At Work.  There are links to both sites below.  You will need to register on both sites in order to get discounts.

AFT Working Advantage
click here to register or log in for discounts (when registering, our Company ID # is 744387769)

Wild At Work
1.  Go to www.WildAtWork.com
2.  Click on New User Signup (upper right-hand corner of page - light blue box)
3.  When prompted, type in your company name (Poway Federation of Teachers)
4.  Click SUBMIT
5.  Fill in the short registration
6.  After submitting the information, you will receive a password via email
7.  Use your email address and new password to logon site to start saving!

Working Advantage
  Wild At Work                                    
zoo_wap_logos_vertical           Single day Safari Park only:
$42.90 adult (regular price $50.00)

$35.00 child (regular price $40.00)

Zoo or Safari Park 2 visit pass:
$74.93 adult (regular price $83.25)

$65.93 child (regular price $73.25)
    $44.99 adult (regular price $50.00)
$34.99 child (regular price $40.00)

Yearly Pass

$141.00 all (regular price $159.00)


Single Day + 2nd Day Free
$69.99 all (regular price $94.99)






2017 Resort Ticket + 2nd Day Free:
$81.00 adult (regular price $95.00)
$76.00 child (regular price $89.00)


2017 Resort Hopper + 2nd Day Free:
$85.99 adult (regular price $119.00)
$81.99 child (regular price $113.00)

*See Working Advantage Site for details.


School Out Special Resort Hopper & 2nd day
$69.99 ages 3+ (regular price $89 & $95)


 Disneyland-Logo1    * Click here for discounts offered. Discount amounts change and or are not offered at
 (follow directions above for logging on or registering on site.)
    Not available



   * Click here for Disneyland online prices.



$37.00 adult (regular price $75.00)
$35.00 child (regular price $45.00)

* see website for Knott's Scary Farm Tickets


$41.99 adult (regular price $75.00)
$37.99 child (regular price $45.00)

* Not good for Knott's Scary Farm

 Universal-Studios-Logo   March 1, 2017 - June 15, 2017
$95.00 adult (regular price $120.00)
$89.00 child (regular price $114.00)

June 16, 2017 - August 21, 2017
$105.00 adult (regular price $120.00)
$99.00 child (regular price $114.00)
  Not Available



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