Salary Schedules

PFT and PUSD value professional growth and teacher leadership.  Salary Schedules II, III, and IV are Certificated Teacher Leadership Schedules that compensate teachers for additional time commitments and responsibilities that go beyond the teacher’s current school work day and year. As District/PFT joint leadership opportunities arise, teachers may interview and if selected, will be placed on one of the Teacher Leadership Schedules: Schedule II (5 additional days), Schedule III (12 additional days), or Schedule IV (17 additional days).   Leadership opportunities vary and the number of opportunities is dependent upon the budget.  Some examples of leadership opportunities paid on these schedules are: Literacy Council, PPAP Consultants, PPAP Governance Board, PDAB Board, and the Elementary Time Committee.

2018 - 2019 Salary Schedule I - IV

2018 - 2019 Pre-School Salary Schedule

2018 - 2019 ROP Salary Schedule

Archived Salary Schedules