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pftlogoe-Bulletin                         January 2, 2019

Happy New Year!  I hope you are enjoying some well-deserved time off with family and friends.  I apologize for not getting this bulletin out to you before break.  I will resend it the Monday we return but wanted to get it out ASAP for those interested in an update.
In Unity,
Bargaining Survey Results
The PFT Rep Council has analyzed the bargaining survey results from the PFT survey from the end of last year.  Your PFT Officers will keep these at the forefront as funds become available for negotiations.  Here are the top negotiating priorities you collectively identified:
    Class Size Reduction
2.    Salary
3.    Curriculum and Supplies
4.    Health and Welfare
5.    Professional Growth
PUSD School Board Update
The Board last met on December 13.  Newly elected Trustee Ginger Couvrette was sworn in, and Trustee Charles Sellers left office.  An election of officers was held, with the following results: Darshana Patel: President, Michelle O’Connor-Ratcliff: Vice President, Ginger Couvrette: Clerk. 
PFT is seeking legal advice regarding Trustee Beatty’s unethical actions during the School Board Campaign (seen on a doorbell camera passing out defamatory literature from an unregistered campaign committee while wearing a PFT t-shirt, large hat, and sunglasses).  Thank you to Kerri Kutzner from Los Penasquitos Elementary for writing such a great editorial about Ms. Beatty’s lack of professionalism and respect! (See article from Pomerado news).
United States: UCLA predicts the U.S. economy will gradually slow over the next several years (3.1% growth 2018, 2.1% growth 2019, 1% growth in 2020).  
California: Employment growth in CA is expected to slow (1.4% in 2019 to .7% in 2020), but personal income is expected to grow (1% in 2018, 3.7% in 2019, 4% in 2020) as a result of an increase in higher wage jobs.  Year to date revenues for the state are up $1.9 billion, or 4.5%, from the forecast level at the time the 2018-19 budget was enacted. 😊 Newly elected Governor Newsom will release his budget proposal on January 10.  PFT will have more info for you about the state budget and its impact on education after PFT staff attends the School Services budget workshop on January 16. 
PUSD: The First Interim Budget went to the PUSD School Board this month, projecting a structural deficit of 16 million at year end.  However, once prior year carry over of 13 million is considered (allocated but unspent monies), deficit spending for the year is projected to be 3 million.  PUSD is projecting structural deficits in the following two years of just under 11 million.  This does not include any unspent carry over.  The Associate Superintendent of Business Support suggested 5.5 million in budget cuts be considered for next year.  However, PUSD currently has 55.9 million in one-time monies in reserve.  In my opinion, that can help mitigate the deficit spending for at least a period of time, hopefully without cuts.    
The PFT/PUSD IBPS Team will meet again on January 8.  We will be discussing the state budget, the PUSD budget, class sizes, fair share formulas from other districts, the SAI Initiative, and Other Post-Employment Benefits account (provides health care to teacher retirees until they reach 65 and are eligible for Medicare).  
Homework Study Group
A group of teachers, administrators, LSS, and PFT has begun to study the research on homework, make recommendations regarding best practices, and draft revisions to PUSD Board Policy Administrative Regulations.  The work of the group began in December and will end in March.  Thanks to those teachers who applied and to those who are serving on the study group. (Participating teachers will be paid on Certificated Salary Schedule II for this period).  We will continue to keep you updated on the progress of the group. 
Specialized Academic Instruction Initiative (SAI)
Nine school sites across the district have turned in proposals indicating their interest in piloting a new instructional delivery model to serve students with disabilities in the least restrictive setting (LRE).  Three to four sites, of the nine who applied, will be selected in January to participate in the pilot.  The joint selection process will include a consensus recommendation from PFT, PSEA, and LSS representatives.  The number of schools selected for the pilot will also be dependent on the availability of funds.  PFT will be working to ensure the effects of new SAI programs are negotiated and teacher interests are at the table (e.g. caseloads, class sizes, resources and support, professional development with appropriate compensation and/or release time, rate of expansion based on effectiveness monitoring, any implications for teacher evaluation).  

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