State of Emergency

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We are living in a state of emergency. California’s schools, colleges, and communities are suffering because of continued state budget cuts that also affect local public safety and health care services.

This is about PRIORITIES! California has the eight-largest economy in the world, but continues to shortchange our students of the education they need and deserve. K-12 and higher education funding has been cut by more than $20 billion the past three years alone. That’s about $3,000 less per student.

A stop gap measure to avoiding further cuts: The PFT supported the governor’s proposed state budget plan that called for more than $12 billion in cuts and temporary extension of current taxes, which means no one would be paying more than they are now. PFT supported a June special election on the tax extensions, but some lawmakers hijacked the process and blocked that vote. The tax extensions must now be done legislatively because time is running out for our students and communities.

Unless the Legislature acts quickly, the Governor has said he will present an all-cuts budget in mid-May. Poway Unified would be looking at an additional $25. million in cuts.  This is simply impossible and unacceptable!  Go to California Budget Project to view data on the proposed “All Cuts” Budget to school districts.


1. Pass tax extension in current budget: We must convince 2/3 of the legislature to vote to pass the tax extensions. This will require the support of two Republicans in each house. Here’s How:

  • Contact your local legislator by going to the PUSD Website click Budget Information “What Can You do?” Letters available on-line.
  • Complete the card “Do the right thing” available from your site PFT Rep  or online by May 12thClick here for card
  • “Save the Date” Friday, May 13th. Join your colleagues and community in a state-wide demonstration.  Attend the San Diego Rally Friday, May 13th. More details will be forthcoming.



  • Progressive Tax Education: Over the past 30 years. The tax burden has shifted to working and middle class Californians while the corporations and the wealth have seen their tax rates cut leaving the state unable to pay for education and other vital social services. We must educate ourselves and our community on the need to build local and statewide coalitions for progressive tax reform.
  • Pass AB 1130, 1% on the top 1%: We must work with our coalition partners and the Assembly member to secure the 2/3 vote needed to pass this progressive tax measure to support vital services and education in California.  Click here for AB 1130 Fact Sheet

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