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PFT President


The PFT President shall serve as the Chief Executive Office of the Union and assume all responsibilities commonly attendant upon such a position including,
but not limited to:

  • Presiding at all meetings of the PFT Executive Council, Representative Council, and any general Membership meeting;
  • Serving as an ex-oficio member of all committees of PFT;
  • Appointment of all members of Federation Committees as approved by the Executive Council;
  • Represent the Federation’s interests with the community; 
  • Execute policies of the union as determined by the Executive Council; 
  • Responsibility for all negotiations between the Federation and the District; 
  • Responsibility for all labor-management interactions between the Federation and the District; 
  • Responsibility for labor-management representation of individual and groups of members;
  • Represent the Federation with all affiliates;
  • Administration and responsibility of all business affairs of the union; 
  • Supervision, direction, discipline and other employment matters of all staff employed by the union;
  • The power to retain counsel and other professional personnel as needed and approved by the Executive Council;
  • Communications with membership and public;
  • Responsibility of all political action of the Federation;
  • Other duties as determined by the PFT Executive Council or the PFT Representative Council.

  • Knowledge of global issues facing public education;
  • Training and knowledge of collective bargaining and negotiations skills;
  • Ability to lead successful meetings and possesses public speaking skills; 
  • Ability to read, interpret and understand California Ed Code employment law, PUSD Board Policy and contract law;
  • Ability to write formal contract language, read and interpret union contracts;
  • Ability to write formal contract language and other labor-management compacts;
  • Ability to create, manage and interpret data relating to labor-management interactions including negotiations;
  • Knowledge of educational funding issues as well as PUSD Budget; 
  • Ability to delegate, supervise and train other staff members; 
  • Ability to compose and distribute union newsletters and flyers;
  • Knowledge of employment law and payroll functions for union staff;
  • Commensurate computer skills for the above activities; 
  • Excellent written and oral communication, interpersonal and project management skills.

Placement on the PFT Staff Salary Schedule is the equivalent of 223, 8-hour workdays.  This position requires many evening and weekend duties during the year.

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