Office of PFT Secretary (Exec Board)

(A Prerequisite for all PFT positions is full dues paying membership in PFT)

The SECRETARY shall keep a permanent record of all minutes and shall be responsible for all correspondence under the direction of the President.  The seal and charter of PFT shall be charged to the care of this officer, and it shall be his/her responsibility to maintain a complete and accurate record of all policies of PFT as promulgated by the Representative Council, together with the policy implementation decisions of the Executive Council.  All PFT files shall be kept in the PFT office.

• Attend weekly 2 hr. PFT Exec Board meetings and keep minutes of sessions
• Attend monthly 2 hr. PFT Rep Council meetings and keep minutes
• Present both Exec Board and Rep Council minutes in rough draft form in a timely manner to meeting participants, make corrections and disseminate to designated audience
• Be first line of communication to members to answer questions about minutes
• Work with PFT President, Directors and Vice Presidents to ensure communication with PFT members
• Be versed in PFT budget
• Visit sites as needed to connect with members


The PFT Secretary is elected by the PFT membership and serves a one year term. Compensation for duties listed above and attendance of PFT Exec Board and Rep Council meetings is $7000.00.

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