October 17, 2020

Top Three from PFT

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1. TPLES: Teacher Professional Learning and Effectiveness System

PFT and PUSD have agreed upon a modified evaluation process for 2020-21 due to the many challenges everyone is navigating this school year.

  • All Temporary and Probationary teachers will be evaluated
  • Permanent (tenured) teachers whose evaluation were not agreed upon last school year or who received “Does Not Meet Standards” or “Requires Guided Improvement” or any teachers participating in PTIP will be evaluated.
  • ALL Permanent teachers who are not evaluated this year will have their next evaluation date moved forward by one year. Ex: If 2020-2021 is a scheduled evaluation year for you, you are a Permanent teacher, and you are not in the category of Permanent teacher described in the previous bullet, then your scheduled evaluation has been moved to 2021-2022. This includes Permanent teachers who are not scheduled to be evaluated this year. If your scheduled evaluation is 2021-2022, it is now moved to 2022-2023.

Please contact your site rep for details on the process and timelines.

2. Health and Welfare for 2021

Health and Welfare coverage follows the calendar year so the changes described below will being in January 2021.

  • Open enrollment will take place from October 26-November 13
  • We are changing insurance carriers from Aetna to Anthem. 
  • Kaiser remains the same with no changes to co-pays nor to out-of-pocket costs to cover dependents
  • Employees choosing Anthem have a choice between Anthem Select (Sharp) & Anthem Priority Select (Scripps)
  • Sharp co-pays and out-of-pocket costs to cover dependents remain the same
  • Scripps out-of-pocket costs are ten dollars less tenthly than Sharp
  • There will be no need to change doctors unless you choose to move from Scripps to Sharp or vice versa.
  • Aetna PPO is being replaced by Anthem PPO with a reduction in costs.
  • Prescription coverage is moving from Optum RX to EmpiRX. If you receive your prescriptions by mail, you will need to update during Open Enrollment.
  • If you Opt Out and receive cash in lieu of medical coverage, you will need to enroll for 2021 Opt Out

3. Elementary Reopening

Kelly Logan and Crystal Ochoa met with the Elementary Reps to get feedback regarding On Campus reopening. Reps provided PFT with information about what is working, what is not working, teacher concerns regarding safety, workload, adjunct duties (supervision), prep time, and providing quality instruction under pandemic conditions. Suggestions for possible solutions and changes were noted and PFT will be pushing for changes to working conditions for teachers.



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