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Dear PFT Members,

We made it! The holiday break is upon us. I would like to give you an update as you head into the two-week break, hopefully to rest and recharge.

Supplementary Retirement Program (SRP) 

Good news! The PUSD School Board approved the Supplementary Retirement Program (SRP) at tonight’s meeting! We will be sending out additional information about group and individual meetings very soon to help you make this important decision if you are eligible. 

State Budget

There is some positive news about the upcoming 2020-21state budget. Prop 98 for the current year is up 13 billion from original projections. Initial revenue projections were greatly underestimated because California billionaires are doing much better than anticipated. There is a possible COLA of 1-1.5% next year rather than the zero percent that was originally expected. All that said, no one knows at this time what the budget will ultimately hold, especially considering the high need for pandemic relief in our state. The Governor’s State Budget will come out on January 10 and we will better know the impact on PUSD at that time. 

PUSD Budget

PUSD is projecting net activity deficits in the multi-year projection (MYP) for this year and the next two years of 21.3 million, 20.7 million, and 32.9 million. The district is projecting the need for 10 mil in cuts for next year and 9.5 mil for the following year. The district is showing cuts in the first interim budget, which they will submit to the county, as is required to maintain a “positive” budget rating (rather than a “qualified or negative rating).” Some of the cuts, such as class size increases and a change in our health and welfare model, are noted as negotiated items. This means these cuts are not definite, but they are being pursued by the district in negotiations. PFT is working to verify the accuracy of the district’s budget projections. If the state budget improves per the info above, PUSD will likely still need to make cuts, though they likely won’t be as severe as currently projected. 

Asynchronous Learning Time

Secondary: At the November Board Meeting, the Board approved asynchronous learning time each Friday at the secondary level once campuses reopen. Our recent survey results confirm this decision matches teacher preferences.

Elementary: At tonight’s School Board Meeting, the Board decided there will be no asynchronous learning time at the elementary level due to the level of division in the survey results. The Board did not find the survey results compelling enough to change the current model. The Board does support the district seeking different ways to support teachers with their workload. PFT will be working with the district on ways to accomplish this. Please email your PFT Site Rep with your ideas. We will collect these ideas from Site Reps and will work to secure support for elementary teachers.

Virtual Learning Period January 4-15

The Board agreed to suspend on-campus learning, including ESS and Preschool, for the two weeks following the holiday break. Since Martin Luther King Day is Monday, January 18, this means no one will return to campus with students until Tuesday, January 19. Teachers will be allowed to teach from their classrooms without students if desired.


COVID-19 Positive Case Process: PFT has asked the district for a detailed outline of the process that is used when a positive COVID-19 case occurs. LSS and the district nurses have drafted a document outlining the process they have been using. PFT has reviewed the document for accuracy and has confirmed it is on target per CDPH, SDCOE, and the CDC. The process was presented to PFT Reps last night. The doc will go to all teachers soon. We are hopeful this will provide helpful information and avoid confusion when cases occur. 

PFT also requested the district post “community-based” cases on the district dashboard, as well as the “school-based” cases it has been posting. A “community-based” case occurs when a PUSD student or staff member is COVID-19 positive but has not been on campus during the 2 days prior to symptom onset or during the 2 days prior to their test collection date if asymptomatic. This can be valuable information since the date asymptomatic individuals choose to get tested can vary, causing them to be considered a “community-based” case if their positive test sample collection occurred longer than 2 days after they had been on campus. We appreciate the district valuing transparency and clear communication as demonstrated in their willingness to begin posting “community-based” cases. 

Testing Update

CDPH recommendation: school districts and schools shall test staff periodically, as testing capacity permits and as practicable, with the recommendation being to test all staff over two months, where 25% of staff are tested every two weeks, or 50% every month to rotate testing of all staff over time. The District is trying to establish a site within district boundaries to make optional testing more accessible to staff. The Palomar satellite campus in RB has recently agreed to be a partner. The details are being worked out with SDCOE and the district hopes to put out a testing schedule soon.

See attachment for free local COVID testing sites open now. (click here for attachment)

Next Steps:
 Since secondary members have been united in their desire to remain virtual due to safety concerns such as a high number of student contacts, PFT will resurvey all secondary members in early January. If health conditions have not improved, we will also survey elementary members. (If health conditions do improve to the levels noted in our November survey as we entered the purple tier, we will likely not survey elementary since two thirds of elementary on campus teachers were comfortable being on campus with these case rates). 

Let us know how we can support you. Stay safe and Happy Holidays!

In Unity,



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