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Dear PFT Members,

The transfer process for spring 2024 is attached. This document outlines how the transfer process works. We are also frequently asked, “When does the transfer process begin?” Staffing schools and programs is complex, and the data needed to determine how many teachers are needed, in which programs, and at which sites depends on many factors. These factors include things like student enrollment, the number of teachers declaring retirement or resignation, and the number of teachers requesting or returning from a leave of absence. This data becomes more and more definitive over time. This year, we are also facing budget cuts. PUSD & PFT continue to meet using the IBPS process, but no decisions about cuts to our unit have been negotiated at this time. Similarly, the PUSD School Board has not made any final decisions about budget cuts for next school year.

The PFT/PUSD Joint Staffing Team will be meeting soon to review preliminary enrollment and staffing projections at sites for next year.  We anticipate the transfer process beginning toward the end of April or early May, as projections become more certain. The number of teachers needed at many sites will remain the same, but some sites could be overstaffed.

The transfer process begins with placement of teachers who are at sites that are overstaffed, typically due to a lack of enrollment. (The contracts of temporary teachers end, typically when school ends in June, so they are “out” of the matrix/do not have a position at the site at this point in the process and are not considered in determining overstaffing).  In an overstaffing situation, the site principal will seek a permanent or probationary teacher volunteer willing to transfer.  Typically, voluntary candidates come forward.  If there are no volunteers, district seniority is the criteria used for involuntary transfer.  If a teacher is transferred due to an overstaffing situation (as a volunteer or as an involuntary transfer), the teacher will receive “priority placement” for all known vacancies within their credential area. These teachers will also receive two paid workdays to move, compensated at the teacher hourly rate of $45.28. Teachers must submit a timesheet to receive this compensation. The district and school site administration will coordinate with the teacher to facilitate the process of moving. (Teachers in itinerant positions do not qualify for compensation for moving).

After teachers being involuntarily transferred due to overstaffing are placed, teachers returning to the classroom after a leave of absence are returned to their site if there is space available. This applies to those returning after completing a Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA) role, those returning from a leave of absence of one year or more, or those returning from a shared contract. If there is no space at the site, teachers returning to the classroom in these situations receive priority placement for vacancies if they let the district know they are returning to the classroom by this Friday, April 19. Please be sure to read the details of Stage 1, Step II on the attached Transfer Process if you are currently a Teacher on Special Assignment (TOSA), have been on a leave of absence of one year or more, or are currently in a shared contract.

Once teachers in the above situations are placed, sites have the option to keep high performing temporary teachers if there is space available. After this step, vacancies will begin to be posted on the district website and the voluntary transfer process for permanent and probationary teachers begins. If you are interested in a voluntary transfer, please fill out the Transfer Form, linked here. By filling out and submitting this form to Melody Lotter at mlotter@powayusd.com, you will be contacted for an interview for all vacancies that match the programs and sites you have listed. Your form will be retained and reviewed as new vacancies are posted, so there is no reason to resubmit the form unless you so choose. You MUST submit your Transfer Form before a job posting closes to be considered. Each position is posted for 5 workdays only.

You can also continue to check the PUSD Teacher Transfer Opportunities webpage, as new transfer opportunities will be posted regularly once we reach this step in the process.

After all voluntary transfer candidates have had an opportunity to interview for open positions that match their transfer request form, highly recommended temporary teachers and interns will be considered for rehire into remaining vacancies. PSS will provide names of highly recommended temporary and intern teachers, who were unable to be retained at their site, to those administrators with openings, so they can be interviewed for potential selection.

Please contact your PFT Site Rep/s if you have additional questions after reading the attached document.

Final Transfer Process for Spring 2024

In Solidarity,


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