pftnewe-Bulletin                         November 9, 2018

School Board Election

Thank you so much for your efforts in the recent School Board election!  Both Michelle O’Connor-Ratcliff and T.J. Zane won re-election!  Though Kevin Juza, our endorsed candidate for Area B did not win, we truly appreciate him stepping up to run, and admire his desire to make a positive contribution to our district.  Ginger Couvrette will be filling the Area B board seat, and we believe she make a thoughtful and balanced board member.  Here are the final results from the PUSD School Board election, as well as the race for Governor and State Superintendent of Public Instruction.  (Marshall Tuck is a charter school advocate, so we may face some challenges ahead in that arena, but overall, great election results below).  Thanks again for all your efforts!

PUSD School Board
Area B

Ginger Couvrette, 44%, 5,095 votes
Kevin Juza, 35%, 3,982 votes
Kim Garnier, 21%, 2,446 votes
Area C
T.J. Zane, 49%, 3,870 votes
Terry Norwood, 34%, 2,729 votes
Charles Sellers, 17%, 1,365 votes
Area D
Michelle O’Connor-Ratcliff, 64%, 4,589 votes
Stan Rodkin, 26%, 2,577 votes
Governor California
Gavin Newsome, 59%, 4,333,475 votes

John Cox, 41%, 2,964,105 votes
Superintendent of Public Instruction
Marshall Tuck, 51%, 3,166,138 votes

Tony Thurmond, 49%, 3,094,008 votes

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