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Grand Canyon University has four upcoming 100% online degree programs for your review.  If you have any further questions, please contact Katrina Tippett, our local GCU rep, directly.  Thank you!

1.     Master of Education in Educational Administration or Educational Leadership – Ed. Admin. Leads to Credential.
Start Date 11/20/2014 (Cohort Tuition Approximately $14,000).
The Master of Education in Educational Administration program is designed for individuals interested in educational administration in the PK-12 setting and those seeking a principal's license. Graduates of the master?s in educational administration program are well-prepared to be informed educational administrators in public and private schools and other settings requiring a principal's license.

2.     Master of Arts in Reading: Emphasis in either Elementary or Secondary – Start Date 11/20/2014 (Cohort Tuition Approximately $12,000).
In about 17 months, the 32-credit online advance practice reading program offers licensed teachers and educators a deep focus in elementary literacy strategies that improve reading and comprehension in a K-8 classroom. It captures the highly relational learner's perspective in the 21st century.  Through observational and practice-based experiences, the M.A. in reading provides the application of theory and educational best practices to effectively deliver curriculum, instruction and assessment. With a strong foundation in corrective reading strategies, it explores reading deficiencies and diagnosis.  The program dissects a growing body of knowledge on the application of brain research in classroom practice that impacts curricular, instructional and assessment decisions of teachers each day. From neuroscience to the behavioral and cognitive sciences, it examines the intricacies of the mind as it relates to teaching and learning.

3.     Education Specialist in K-12 Leadership – Start Date 12/11/2014 (Tuition Approximately $18,000). Terminal Degree, doctoral-level courses, minus the dissertation. Complete in 18 months.

Teachers often look to advance their education beyond their master's degree so they can move into administrative positions, and/or qualify for salary increases. However, educators whose goal is to improve their instructional skills and remain in the classroom may prefer to focus on coursework and forego the dissertation component required of most doctoral programs. Grand Canyon University offers a solution for these individuals.  Our Education Specialist in K-12 Leadership (EDS) program is designed to prepare educators to assume a variety of leadership roles in economically and culturally diverse 21st century K-12 educational communities. After foundational instruction in ethics, research and theory, coursework focuses on educational policy development and decision making, staffing, and organizational leadership, supervision of teaching and learning, instructional and curricular supervision, department and unit management, and other areas related to leadership at the building or district level. The program is aligned with the standards of the Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC).

4.     Master of Science in Autism Spectrum Disorder – Start Date 12/11/2014 (Cohort Tuition Approximately $12,000).
In a crucially relevant sphere of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD), a growing demand for special education services and higher graduation standards intersect in public schools across the nation.  As the field of diagnosis in spectrum disorders continues to advance, ASD has become the fastest growing area of diagnosis within the disorder spectrum. Children with special needs are identified earlier in their lives, leading to higher enrollment rates of ASD students in primary education.  GCU's master's degree in autism spectrum disorders provides licensed special education teachers a deep understanding of an educator's responsibility to special needs students.

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