Cheat Sheet on Leaves
(Revised 1/12/17)

Ed Code governs use of sick leave. Sick Leave is to be used for illness. There are some reasons, listed below under “Personal Necessity” for which accumulated sick leave may also be used. The criteria are very specific.

WHAT:   Sick Leave
PAY:   Full pay, taken from accumulated sick leave
WHY:   Illness, accident, injury, surgery, etc. of the employee
  Page 9 for further detail


WHAT:   Extended Sick Leave
PAY:   Full salary, less the cost of a substitute (regardless of whether a sub is hired, Ed Code 44977)

If a teacher exhausts their accrued sick leave, for reasons of illness or accident, the teacher accesses the Extended Sick Leave provision of the contract for any number of days up to 100 working days. Extended Sick Leave is full salary less the cost of a sub. The daily sub cost is charged to the employee. This reduction to the employee’s base salary results in a fraction percentage amount the district contributes to the teacher’s base salary for STRS. Therefore, days “not” in full salary affect the teacher’s total years of service in STRS when utilizing these days.

CONTRACT SECTION: page 9 further details

CONTRACT        SECTION:   Page 9 for further details


WHAT:   Catastrophic Sick Leave
PAY:   Full pay
WHY:   Catastrophic sick leave may be requested when a teacher or family member is suffering from an illness or injury that is expected to incapacitate that person for an extended period of time. In such a situation, the teacher may petition the catastrophic sick bank for up to an additional 50 days of leave at full pay. The teacher must exhaust all other leave options before applying for catastrophic sick leave and the teacher must exhaust any new leave options that become available during catastrophic sick leave.
  Pages 10, 11, 12 for further detail


WHAT:   Compelling Reasons Leave
PAY:   Max of 3 days per year, non cumulative: 1st and 2nd day at full pay, day 3 full pay less sub cost; 3rd day will minimally impact STRS as the portion of the pay going to the substitute includes STRS

This leave is for “legal or business matters, matters involving the person’s household or family, or other matters deemed by the unit member to be of compelling personal importance”.  If possible, five days advance notice is required for use of this leave. You do not have to give a reason for taking this leave. Contract language specifically prohibits extending holidays or taking a vacation with this type of leave.

CONTRACT SECTION:          Page 17 for further detail


WHAT:          Personal Reasons

Except for emergencies, the teacher would apply to the site administrator in advance and in writing for up to three hours of time, needs administrator’s approval

PAY:   No impact
WHY:   Emergency medical appointment, family emergency, participation in an activity that requires absence for less than 3 hours and does not require the employment of a substitute and is approved by site administrator.
  Page 17 for further details


WHAT:      Maternity Leave
CONDITION:   Medically unable to perform job duties according to a licensed physician due to pregnancy, miscarriage, or childbirth.
PAY:   At the time a doctor tells you that you are unable to work (including prior to delivery, through and after delivery), you access your accumulated sick days (at full salary). If you exhaust your accrued sick leave and you’re still unable to work, you automatically enter Extended Sick Leave (see above). Extended Leave may be accessed up to 100 work days if a doctor says you are medically unable to work.
CONTRACT SECTION:   Page 14 *Suggest you contact the PFT for Maternity Leave questions.


WHAT:    Bereavement Leave
PAY:   Full salary up to 3 days if travel of less than 300 miles one way is necessary, up to 5 days if out of state travel or more than 300 miles one way in state is required
WHY:   Death of immediate family member (defined page 12), if a longer time is needed, then you go on Personal Necessity for time after the 3 or 5 days.
CONTRACT SECTION:   Page 16 for further details


WHAT:   Personal Necessity Leave*
CONDITION:       Full salary, taken from accumulated sick leave
PAY:   Death of family member, accident (employee’s person/property), court dates, illness/surgery of immediate family members, religious holidays, legal adoptions, school activities of a child in K-12 or licensed daycare facility. (Note: school activities of a child are limited to no more than one day per month. This does include K-12 graduation ceremonies). If Compelling Reasons Leave has been exhausted, up to two days of Personal Necessity can be accessed for graduation of a family member from a four year college.
CONTRACT SECTION:   page 12 & 13 for further detail


WHAT:          Bonding Leave
PAY:       Full salary while sick leave remains and then differential pay which is full salary less the cost of a substitutefor up to 12 weeks

You are medically able to return to work per your doctor, but wish to remain at home with your baby. You can access up to 12 weeks of "bonding leave" during the first year of birth. Applies to both mothers and fathers, and includes adoption and foster care placement. The minimum duration of the leave shall be two weeks, except that the District must grant a request for a leave of less than two weeks duration on any two occasions. Use of one or more days of leave during a workweek shall constitute one week of leave under this section.

If you did not exhaust your accrued sick leave while medically unable to work, you must continue using sick leave until it is exhausted. At that point you will begin using differential pay which is full pay minus the cost of a Sub for the remainder of the 12 weeks.

  • Expires on the date of the child's 1st birthday.
  • Any days accessed after teacher is medically able to work are deducted from the 12 weeks (including sick leave after doctor releases the teacher)
  • Can be used in a minimum of two week increments or all at one time.
  • Spouses who work for the same school district may split the allotment in any combination of 2 week increments for a total of 12 weeks combined.

Not in contract yet. New Ed Code 44977.5 added January 1, 2016.

*Suggest you contact the PFT or Personnel for more details on this leave.