Dear Colleagues,                                                                                         April 2, 2019

The PFT/PUSD Joint Staffing Team has met to review preliminary enrollment at sites for next year.  As 2019-20 projections firm up over time, the number of teachers needed at many sites will remain the same.  Some sites may be overstaffed.  In these cases, the site principal will seek a permanent or probationary teacher volunteer willing to transfer.  Typically, voluntary candidates come forward.  If there are no volunteers, District seniority is the criteria used for involuntary transfer.  If a teacher is transferred due to an overstaffing situation (as a volunteer or as an involuntary transfer), he or she will receive “first consideration” for all known vacancies for which they qualify.  First consideration is defined as priority placement.  These teachers will also receive two paid workdays to move, paid at the Special Daily Rate (currently $256.50 per day).  Teachers must submit a time sheet to receive the stipend.  The District and school site administration will coordinate with the teacher to facilitate the process of moving.  (Teachers in itinerant positions do not qualify for compensation for moving). 

Once teachers from overstaffed schools are placed, the voluntary transfer process begins.  All remaining vacancies will be posted for five (5) days as they come available (due to retirements, resignations, transfers).  Teachers may submit a transfer form (attached) listing preferred sites, grade levels, and/or subject areas.  Transfer forms may be submitted at any time.  Principal signature as notification is required on the form (principal recommendation is not a requirement).  Any teacher requesting a transfer to a posted opening will be given the opportunity to interview for that opening and will be contacted by email or phone.  Temporary teachers and interns are also eligible to participate in the transfer process, but during Level I Hiring, they can submit a transfer request for their current position only.  

Please see below links for additional details on the transfer process: 

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